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You’ve hired from us before, now you can buy. The ATF DirectPanel is perfect for long term applications and remote sites where owning your own fence economically makes more sense.


Less bracing, less cost per linear metre, better quality.

Opting for lighter weight fencing generally requires you to install additional bracing and counterweights, all of which add to the overall cost per linear metre. ATF DirectPanel has been designed and manufactured to reduce the number of braces and blocks you need per linear metre, while maintaining adherence to Australian Standards. ATF DirectPanel has superior structural strength compared to competitors and requires less labour to install.


A superior temporary fencing solution at a lower cost per linear metre than competitors.

Made from high quality hot dipped galvanised steel, with a thicker steel frame and anti-climb mesh than competitors, DirectPanel is ideal for applications where quality and longevity is important, without becoming too heavy to move around and install yourself.

Panel Size
2400mm x 2100mm
Block Size
585mm x 225mm
Bracing requirements?
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  • Requires less bracing

  • Ideal for medium duty applications

  • Engineer certified in compliance with AS4687

  • Bulk discounts available

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ATF DirectPanel

  • 2mm wall thickness

  • Fully hot dipped galvanised panel

  • 32kg high quality footing block

  • Independently engineer certified


  • 2mm wall thickness

  • Fully hot dipped galvanised panel

  • 32kg high quality footing block

  • Unlikely to be engineer certified

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Australian Engineer Certified

Available Australia Wide


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